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APIs Strategy in Digital Transformation Era

In terms of priorities for API solutions in the context of digital transformation, it will depend on the specific goals and needs of the organization. However, some general considerations for API strategy in the current and future business landscape may include the following:

  1. Ensuring API security: With APIs serving as a gateway to critical systems and data, security is a top priority. This can involve measures such as implementing strong authentication and authorization controls, monitoring for suspicious activity, and conducting regular security assessments. It is important to use some security tools to achieve API cybersecurity.
  2. Fostering a developer-friendly ecosystem: To encourage external developers to build on your API platform, it is important to make the API easy to use and well-documented. This can involve providing comprehensive developer documentation, sample code, and support resources.
  3. Building a scalable API infrastructure: As the usage of your APIs grows, you will need to ensure that your API infrastructure can handle the increased traffic and demand, considered exponential growth. This may involve implementing load balancing and other scaling techniques to ensure that your APIs remain reliable and performant.
  4. Ensuring API interoperability: In a digital ecosystem where multiple APIs and systems may need to interoperate, it is important to design your APIs in a way that promotes interoperability and easy integration with other systems. This can involve following industry standards and best practices for API design, such as using RESTful architectures.

Talk to a Security Expert

Arval Technology is a flexible API security solution that prevents unauthorized access to your application and protects it from vulnerabilities against cybercriminal attacks.

  1. Arval Technology gives you a specific SDK to add in your mobile app, which notifies Arval Technology Server whenever there is a legitimate API request.
  2. Your API logs the legitimate API request to Arval Technology and then either process the request or deletes it.

An insecure API is an easy point of attack for hackers to gain access to business digital assets. Attackers could perform any type of threat, such as DDoS, any type of injection, breach of access control, etc.

Could you give us 30 minutes and our security experts will show you how to protect your ecosystem by implementing Arval Tech?


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